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giovedì 30 giugno 2016

Film "Let me go" Helga Schneider: Post Production and Beyond

Let Me Go News

28th June 2016

Dear Let Me Go supporters,

We just wanted to update you as we enter the last weeks of post-production on the film.   It has been an exciting and relentlessly busy time since we wrapped in mid-February.     Following weeks of editing for Daniel Goddard and Polly, we finished the colour-grade at Goldcrest ten days ago.    Our Director of Photography Michael Wood was with us and had this to say: '"Grading is one of the joys of being a DOP in the digital age. Getting to see the film in all it's glory on a big screen for the first time, setting the look of the film as you intended and truthfully - getting to correct all those things you didn't quite have the time to get right during the frantic shooting schedule! The film is looking fantastic because of everyone's hard work and Alexandra Walker's beautiful design, but for a film of this budget we were so lucky to have Adam Glasman at Goldcrest grade the film. He's a magician with a wonderful eye, and truthfully one of the best and most respected colourists in the world, so it's most definitely been the proverbial icing on the cake! Now I just can't wait for the audio to be completed to round off the complete package!'

A Vienna street scene having the Goldcrest treatment.
Audio post production and Sound Design is being carried out by Ben Young and Daniel Goddard who are cleverly creating multi layers of background sound to complement the high production values of the film and add to the feel of the location, period and action. 

Polly and Lizzie spent an exciting time with Philip Selway and Nick Moorbath at Evolution studios last week.   As we listened once more to Philip's beautiful score which adds profound emotional background to Polly's script, we were all hit with how very relevant this story is for the present day; how we need to learn from the past and how this film's time has come.   Maybe even more powerfully now than even a year ago when we were raising money to make it. 
The last day of filming in the hills above Vienna, February 2016.
Our final mix will take place at the beginning of July and we should be able to take a much needed break during August.   We will be back in touch after that with news on distribution, festivals and screenings! 

As always you can contact us here:
and we hope you have a wonderful summer. 

The In Trust Films Team, 
Lizzie, Polly and Georges

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